Herb & Olive

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Herb & Olive stands as a specialized brand with a focus on CBD-infused Olive Oil, dedicated to advocating and showcasing the myriad health and wellness benefits inherent in both Olive Oil and CBD.


Brand Development

The project's primary directive was to conceive a distinctive and attention-commanding packaging design that would not only captivate customers but also evoke a sense of intrigue, prompting a deeper exploration of the product. The brand aspired for a departure from conventional packaging norms, fostering an impression of uniqueness that would prompt customers to engage more thoughtfully.

Deliberate choices were made in the design elements to ensure a departure from traditional packaging aesthetics. The labels were strategically conceptualized to narrate a compelling story, unfolding the lifecycle of the products in a visually engaging manner. This narrative intricately delves into the symbiotic relationship between nature and mental clarity, creating a harmonious blend that aligns with the brand ethos.

The color palette, meticulously derived from nature, serves as a visual representation of the diverse phases that the natural ingredients undergo. Each hue is thoughtfully chosen to showcase the various stages of the ingredient lifecycle, thereby adding a layer of depth and authenticity to the overall design. This collaborative approach, combining intentional design choices and a narrative that intertwines nature and mental clarity, serves to elevate the brand's visual identity and foster a more profound connection with its audience.

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The Herb & Olive brand grew organically over a 2 year period of time

  1. Robust D2C sales
  2. Available in over 80 retail locations worldwide
  3. Strong social affiliate and influencer participation
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