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Sol-X is a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial safety solutions, meticulously engineered to safeguard the well-being of workers navigating the intricate environments aboard Oil Tankers and other substantial vessels.


My Role

Led and directed the design team, spearheading the entire product development lifecycle, from concept inception through to product launch and hand-off to new venture team. Collaborated synergistically with cross-functional stakeholders, including Project Management, Engineering, Clients, and end-users, to meticulously define and refine the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Leveraged a comprehensive skill set to ensure a harmonious convergence of creativity, functionality, and user-centricity, contributing significantly to the success and refinement of the project at every stage.

Problem to Solve

This project necessitated a dual-faceted approach, demanding a comprehensive identification, understanding, and execution strategy. From the user perspective, our primary focus was on safety—an imperative task that entailed developing a solution with the potential to safeguard lives. To accomplish this, a thorough comprehension of the end users was paramount; in this instance, a team of engineers operating on an active Oil Tanker.

On the business side, the project pivoted around efficiency and efficacy, with a central goal of ensuring meticulous documentation of forms to circumvent audits and potential fines. The project's overarching mission was to harmonize these user and business objectives into a cohesive and purposeful solution, aligning safety imperatives with operational efficiency to achieve a well-rounded and impactful outcome.

User Facing - Large Oil Tankers are very dangerous. How might we empower the crew to feel safer, create visibility into all the safety measures being taken and digitize a very analog process of record keeping.

Business Facing - Lack of compliance on documentation from manual Safety Forms lead to large fines. Manual processes are time consuming and add additional man hours to the company’s bottom line. How might we stream line the process to save hours and increase compliance.

What we built

In our venture, we designed & engineered a suite of cutting-edge products designed to
revolutionize safety and operational processes within the challenging environment of an oil tanker. These products include:

  • Safety & Process Tracking Dashboard:

A comprehensive digital dashboard that serves as a centralized hub for real-time tracking and monitoring of safety protocols and operational processes. This dashboard provides a visual representation of critical data, ensuring quick and informed decision-making for the entire crew.

  • Digital Smart Forms:

Innovative, user-friendly digital forms that replace traditional paperwork, streamlining the data collection and reporting process. These smart forms enhance accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility, facilitating seamless documentation of safety measures and compliance requirements.

  • Crew Wearable:

A wearable device designed specifically for crew members, equipped with features to enhance safety and communication. This wearable not only provides real-time alerts and updates but also integrates with other safety systems to ensure that the crew is well-informed and connected at all times.

  • IoT Infrastructure (On an Oil Tanker):

A robust Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure tailored for the unique challenges of an oil tanker environment. This includes a network of interconnected sensors and devices strategically placed throughout the tanker to collect and transmit data in real time. The IoT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety measures, process efficiency, and overall operational intelligence.

By developing this diverse range of products, we've successfully created an integrated ecosystem that not only addresses safety concerns but also optimizes operational processes on an oil tanker. Each product contributes to a comprehensive solution, reinforcing a proactive and digitized approach to safety and efficiency in this complex maritime setting.

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Sol-x has achieved many milestones since it's launch, here are just a few the design and product helped accomplish.

  1. Over $125,000 per vessel /year in tangible benefits
  2. 65+ vessels signed up to use the platform
  3. 1600+ seafarers using the system
  4. 50,000+ data points captured
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