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Origyn is a groundbreaking Web 3.0 protocol and the first native token for the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Revolutionizing the NFT space, Origyn delivers unmatched ownership experiences, empowering brands, creators, artists, marketplaces, and industries with secure certificates of authenticity, ushering in a new era of digital ownership.


What it is

Origyn is as a groundbreaking protocol, and the first native token designed for the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Distinguished by its innovative approach, Origyn breathes vitality into the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by incorporating biometric data and delivering distinctive ownership experiences. Its primary objective is to empower a diverse spectrum of entities, including brands, creators, artists, marketplaces, consumers, and industries, by providing a secure and verifiable framework through guaranteed certificates of authenticity. In essence, Origyn is positioned at the forefront of catalyzing a transformative shift in how ownership and authenticity are conceived within the digital landscape.

Problem to Solve

Devised a user-friendly product interface derived from the intricacies of the pre-existing technologically advanced system. Enhanced comprehension of the diverse user types we catered to, leveraging these insights to iteratively evolve and adapt the product. Strove for an optimal synthesis of Web 2.0 behavioral paradigms, strategically integrating them into the nuanced landscape of Web 3.0.

My Role

I led the design of the wallet and governance platform from end to end. I completed competitive teardowns, sculpted stakeholder maps, and crafted the intricate Information Architecture for our dApp ecosystem. I implemented a user testing plan for the first time at the company and ran the user tests, drawing invaluable insights to shape our product. Seamlessly blending user feedback with best practices, as well as new-to-web 3.0 user experiences, I metamorphosed our offering into a more approachable and user-friendly masterpiece.

Baseline Understanding & IA

Upon joining this project, I encountered a landscape devoid of documentation, where the execution of the CTO's vision by the engineering team was the sole guiding force. My initial action involved meticulously establishing a comprehensive baseline for the entire product. Through a methodical process of capturing screenshots and piecing together the intricacies, I aimed to unveil the underlying structure.

With this foundational understanding, I embarked on a journey of inquiry, seeking to grasp the intended purpose of the product. This involved a series of thoughtful questions aimed at unraveling the intricacies of the project. Subsequently, my focus shifted towards a thorough comprehension of the user base and their unique needs.

Armed with these insights, I undertook the formidable task of proposing a transformative update, complete with a more intuitive and user-centric Information Architecture, thereby elevating the overall usability of the product. In essence, my strategic approach not only filled the void of documentation but also laid the groundwork for a more streamlined and purposeful product experience.

Understanding the Users

Upon gaining a understanding of the product's scope, I undertook the ambitious task of delving into the intricate landscape of user dynamics. Operating within the constraints of a modest budget of $0 for user testing and limited resource availability, I strategically harnessed the power of our Discord channel and other social media outlets. Engaging in meaningful conversations with our user community, alongside consultations with internal team members, investors, and leveraging my expansive network within the web 3 community, I curated valuable insights.

Undeterred by budgetary constraints, I crafted a survey to systematically unveil user profiles and behaviors within the web 3 sphere. Simultaneously, I initiated the formation of our Usability Testing group, laying the foundation for iterative improvements.

With the initial dataset in hand, I seamlessly translated insights into the creation of succinct stakeholder maps and use cases. After that my focus shifted towards a more granular approach, meticulously defining specific personas derived from the invaluable input of the initial stakeholders. This iterative process ensures a nuanced understanding of our users, paving the way for tailored and impactful design decisions.

Understanding the Competitive Landscape

To gain profound insights into the competitive landscape, I conducted an extensive series of meticulous tear-downs on a diverse array of Web 3 products within my reach. This exhaustive effort allowed me to conduct a comprehensive analysis spanning multiple Web 3 protocols, discerning common themes and patterns while meticulously uncovering nuanced distinctions unique to each protocol.

These in-depth investigations served as a cornerstone, equipping me with a wealth of knowledge that became instrumental in shaping my design approach. The synthesis of these learnings seamlessly informed and guided my design explorations, ensuring that every decision made was not only well-informed but also strategically positioned to outshine and elevate our product within the dynamic Web 3 ecosystem.

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Orchestrated the preparation for implementation of a highly refined and user-friendly User Interface and User Experience, ready to significantly enhance usability.

Amplified interest across a diverse spectrum of user types, expanding our user base and fostering a more inclusive platform.

Facilitated a strategic pivot from a B2C-centric model to a dynamic hybrid approach, encompassing both B2C and B2B domains, broadening our market reach and impact.

Captured the attention of the industry, with our platform becoming a focal point of recognition and acknowledgment within the professional landscape.

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