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Zimms Organics is a brand in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, redefining the narrative of wellness with its meticulously crafted Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Setting a new standard for excellence, Zimms Organics transcends traditional boundaries, offering a premium product that epitomizes the intersection of health and culinary indulgence.



Zimms Organics centers its brand identity on David's (the founder) health and wellness journey. Derived from insights gained with the prior brand, Herb & Olive, it became evident that customers resonated with the natural healing benefits David personally experienced. The new brand design prioritizes health and wellness, providing flexibility for potential expansion beyond olive oil in the future.


In our collaborative journey to convey the essence of Zimms Organics, our design approach was not just about aesthetics but a strategic narrative woven into the product. The intention was clear—to demystify the products, articulating their identity and purpose through thoughtful product design.

The choice of natural earth tones and the application of a matte finish to the glass bottles served a dual purpose. Beyond mere visual appeal, it was a deliberate move to evoke a tactile connection, instilling a sense of craftsmanship akin to ceramic vessels.

Amidst the prevailing ambiguity surrounding the visual cues of premium olive oil, our design intervention took a decisive step. We directly inscribed onto the bottle a compelling declaration of why Zimms Organics is exceptional. This transparent communication includes key attributes:

  • Certified Organic: Reflecting a steadfast commitment to organic farming practices and environmental sustainability.
  • Single Origin: Signifying traceability and authenticity, anchoring our olive oil to a specific region.
  • Single Varietal: Expressing the purity and exclusivity of our olive oil, sourced from a singular olive variety.
  • Grown in California: Establishing a narrative of local cultivation, fostering a connection to the unique terroir of California.
  • High Polyphenol Levels (above 300mg/kg): Providing a tangible measure of quality, complemented by a visual guide for enhanced consumer understanding.

This conscientious design strategy not only sets Zimms Organics apart in a cluttered market but also empowers consumers with knowledge, fostering a meaningful connection between the product and those who seek not just olive oil, but a refined and informed culinary experience.

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The brand just launch to overwhelming positive positivity

  1. Garnered an exceptional $10k+ in presales through the compelling resonance of the brand images and narrative.
  2. Earned widespread acclaim from both chefs and home cooks nationwide, establishing a devoted following that spans culinary expertise
  3. Achieved an impressive social media impact, amassing a staggering reach of over 5 million across all posts in 2023, solidifying Zimms Organics' presence as a household name.
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